The Future of Pathology Starts Here


Versant Diagnostics is putting cutting edge technology into the hands of the country’s leading pathologists to improve patient outcomes, elevate care, and save lives. We’re building the nation’s largest physician services company focused on digital anatomic pathology and leading the revolution to improve the precision, accuracy, and speed of diagnosis.

When imaging can be accompanied by artificial intelligence and precision medicine, there are no boundaries.

It’s Time To Join The Revolution

Versant Diagnostics is actively looking for pathology practices excited to join the future of medicine. We are purchasing the nation’s premier pathology groups and infusing them with capital to convert them to digital pathology, all while maintaining the expert leadership of their physicians and the integrity of the practices.

By combining tech advancements in healthcare with the nation’s most skilled and diverse set of subspecialty pathologists, Versant Diagnostics is staged to deliver unprecedented service and become the trusted go to pathology network for hospitals and physician practices across the country.

Gastrointestinal Pathology
Urology Pathology
Women’s Health / Gynecological
Breast Pathology
Renal Pathology
General Surgical Pathology
Clinical Pathology
Precision Medicine
Artificial Intelligence

The Digital Pathology Revolution Has Begun

Versant Diagnostics understands the crucial need physicians and hospitals have to access subspecialist pathologists for their cases. In the past 10 years, the pathology workforce has seen an 18 percent decline and access to experts continues to diminish. We’re working to help improve that situation.

Our growing network and investment are bringing pathology into the 21st Century with digital solutions designed to improve the precision, accuracy, and speed of diagnosis. With digital pathology, case slides can be shared and viewed instantly from anywhere, at any time. No shipping issues. Just quicker, easier access to our network of subspecialists to help doctors and hospitals provide better care for their patients.

Combining advanced technology with the country’s most skilled and diverse set of expert subspecialized pathologists.

Join the Revolution!

We’re continuously adding new practices and specialties to our network of experts and welcome leading professionals excited to join our future-facing platform.

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