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Our Mission

To become the nation’s largest independent physician services company focused on anatomic pathology. We combine advanced technology with the most skilled and diverse set of superior subspecialized pathologists to improve patient outcomes.

Our Vision

To be a leading catalyst in improving medical diagnostics through the convergence of the latest technology and leading physicians.

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Versant consolidates the strongest range of sub-specialty expertise under one roof. Our group comprises experts in gastrointestinal pathology, hematopathology, urology pathology, women’s health / gynecological / breast pathology, dermatopathology, renal pathology, general surgical pathology, clinical pathology / blood banking / transfusion medicine, and precision medicine. We are continuously adding more practices and specialties and welcome leading professionals to join our platform.

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Well-versed Professionals

Ven Aduana, M.D.

Chairman, Cmo

Dr. Aduana is Chairman, Chief Medical Officer, and Co-Founder of Versant Diagnostics. Prior to Versant he was President and CEO of Alliance Pathology Consultants. Dr. Aduana is a key medical leader within AMITA Health, and nationally-recognized for adoption and implementation of Digital Pathology and Precision Medicine.

Jim Billington


Mr. Billington is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Versant Diagnostics. Previously he was Co-Founder and COO of American Esoteric Laboratories. Prior, he served as SVP Operations of AmeriPath. Before AmeriPath, Mr. Billington co-founded and led Inform DX. He began his career as a CPA and served as CFO of the Western Division of LabCorp.

Brian Carr

board director

Mr. Carr is a Board Director and Co-Founder of Versant Diagnostics. He has served on multiple boards including those of Igenomix and SingularBio. Previously, Mr. Carr was a Co-Founder and CEO of OralDNA Labs and Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO of American Esoteric Laboratories. Prior to that, Mr. Carr was President of AmeriPath.

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Peter Bernhardt, M.D.

Founding Member

Dr. Bernhardt is a Co-Founder of Versant Diagnostics. He is an expert in Flow Cytometry, Molecular Pathology, and Breast Pathology. Dr. Bernhardt is board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology. He holds a degree from the Duke University School of Medicine.

Frederick Ng, M.D.

Founding Member

Dr. Ng is a Co-Founder of Versant Diagnostics. He is an expert in Cytopathology, Surgical, Breast, and Gynecological Pathology. Dr. Ng is board certified in anatomic, clinical, & cytopathology. He holds a degree from the De La Salle University College of Medicine.

Alex Stefanowicz

Human Resources

Mr. Stefanowicz is Vice President of Human Resources at Versant Diagnostics. Prior to Versant he ran HR and Compliance for TREND Healthcare. Prior, he was Co-Founder and VP of Operations and HR at Integrated Lab Solutions, and VP of HR at USMD Health System.

versant diagnostics

Allen Whitehead


Mr. Whitehead is the Chief Financial Officer for Versant Diagnostics. Allen spent 8 years at ProPath as Director of Finance & Controller before joining Versant. He has held additional senior financial positions, and built platforms to improve effectiveness in workflow and maximize revenue potential.

Rob Albert


Mr. Albert is Chief Development Officer at Versant Diagnostics. Prior to Versant, he was the Vice President and General Manager, NW Region, for Labcorp. Rob has extensive experience in his VP and COO roles in acquisition and efficiency creation for Pathology, Inc., Accumen, and Inform Diagnostics.

John Horton

Sales & Marketing

Mr. Horton is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Versant Diagnostics. Before joining Versant, John spent almost 8 years as the Regional Director for the western region of the U.S. for Progenity, Inc. He has also held various sales leadership roles at Baylor Genetics and QIAGEN.

versant diagnostics
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